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We are here in London

STORY iN DESIGN is a branding & visual design company

and have become a growing platform for artists, designers and design companies.​ We not only aim to create something that is pleasing to the eye,

but we also want to share our story as designers.


There is nothing in the world we live in that has not been designed.

Designs have over the time changed in variety due to adaption to trends, and preferences.

But there is one thing that remained constant, there is a story in every design. 

Whether that story is from the designers or the consumer there is great value in creating something

with an exciting story and purpose with design and art.


STORY iN DESIGN [Si:D] was established in 2014 with the motivation to act as a small seed in the industry. 

We exist to communicate, and share our passion for design with many different designers and artists.


Sharing a joint interest and different ideas, creations in the field of art and design.


Educating and being educated by others across 
the wide field of art and design.


Encouraging and displaying each other's work by forming a network of artists and designers 
through projects and events and thrive to grow as a platform that offers new experience and challenge.


Developing by growing together as a community 

both on an individual and a communal level.

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