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Chul-Ui Song is a “Sound-drawing” photographer in South Korea.

He studied music since he was a boy and majored in Flute at university. In Chul-Ui first encountered photography by chance during a visit to London in 2006 which led him to his current profession as a Commercial photographer specializing in fashion catalogue, products and weddings.

Other than commercial photography, Chul-Ui has always enjoyed working in nature and continues to work in this area in Jeju island (Korea) where he is currently living.

Chul-Ui constantly seeks to broaden his horizons through photography and he wishes others to join him in his appreciation for nature.

This year, Chul-Ui is staging his exhibition at Donatos, Jeju. It’s entitled “The fog on the 19th of March”. All the photos in the exhibition were taken in a single day (19th of March 2015), which highlights the beauty of Jeju Island. All the photos have been designed in flameless acrylic.

Chul-Ui will have his 3rd exhibition in Menier Gallery, London from the 19th to 30th of January 2016. The photos will once again display the beauty of Jeju to all in London.

Come and feel the JEJUSUM in London!

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