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The Hottest K-FOOD in London 2016

We involve the event, 'The Hottest K-FOOD in London 2016' as design team!

The Hottest K-food in London is organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and is for those who wish to discover and explore the hottest Korean foods and drinks. The event is for all of those who want to feel the taste of Korea.Indulge yourself with the unique flavours of Korean cuisine and listen to best-selling authors of Korean recipe books. Three authors will provide their own unique and beautiful Korean food stories.

The second part of this event is the exciting showcase of the Top 10 Hottest K-foods, which are selected by a public vote before the event. The Top 10 Hottest K-foods will be displayed at the event.

During this showcase of the Hottest K-food, a selection of Korean agri-foods will also be on display. There will be many foods for you to try, so you will definitely not go hungry!

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