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Greeting Card – how it began

After the completion of 2019 Calendar project, STORY iN DESIGN started another project – Greeting cards.

The illustrated designs of this first set of cards was inspired by nature patterns, and the 5 themes of the card messages were birthday, thank you, encouragement, greetings and consolation. Through research, the texts and the tone of the colours were decided.

The nature patterns were worked on by firstly drawing the design patterns, then using the rubber print as a stamp. Big mass patterns on the cards such as, rocks and hills were expressed through acryl paint and given texture using various different equipment. Once this was completed, objects were positioned, colour tones adjusted, and texts added using graphic design tool.

Once the design draft was completed, there were two things we gave careful attention to.

First was the test print. The printed illustration could have a different look and feel when printed as compared to seeing it on the screen as an image. It is essential to carefully go through this process of many trials of test printing and detailed checking and editing before actually going ahead with the bulk printing of the final version.

Second was the choosing of the paper feel and quality. Matt and textured paper was selected for this set of cards, in order to best compliment the illustrated designs.

The hand written texts and graphic images of the gently fluttering light and leaves work in harmony with each other to highlight the analogue look and feel of these cards.

STORY iN DESIGN hopes these cards will be used as a way of sharing warmth, love, joy and encouragements to loved ones during the current difficult times.

Greeting cards can be purchased from STORY iN DESIGN website

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