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Calendar project - To be continued

Towards the end of 2018, we as a team have been feeling tired of designing according to our clients’ requests and design styles. We missed our originality and creativity.

So we decided to start our very own project; a STORY iN DESIGN, for STORY iN DESIGN, as a STORY iN DESIGN. This led to the creation of our 2019 desk calendar.

STORY iN DESIGN means exactly what it says. Every design has its own story. By taking the first letters of each word, we decided on our brand symbol and logo: Si:D.

Si:D shares its pronunciation with the word ‘seed’ and this was a perfect fit for our brand moto. Our moto and hope is to be a seed, with full potential for growth and positive influence in the art-design field.

With our business goal, moto, and hope firmly in place, we started working on our 2019 calendar project with the ‘Seeds’ story’ as the theme.

Through research on the different types of seeds and the methods of seed breeding, we decided on 12 seeds to use for each month in our calendar. We delved in deeper by studying any symbolic meanings for the seeds, the flowers or the fruits those seeds grow into and any benefits they bring to our body or to nature. Using this as our resource, we have created our very own ‘Seeds’ story’ and illustrated them onto the pages of our calendar.

This STORY iN DESIGN calendar was sold on the website, and effectively used as our marketing strategy.

The only slight shortfall of this project was that the quality of the paper used was not quite up to our expectation.

However, nonetheless, it was a success in the sense that this project helped to re-ignite our team’s enthusiasm and passion for our work.

As an update, in this period of economic lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we are in the process of preparing for our 2021 calendar.

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