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Christmas Card_01; Radiant Star

Christmas Card_01; Radiant Star by Alice in the UK

Light is an important theme in the Bible as it represents God and the holy spirit and therefore why the 3 Wise Men followed the brightest star in the sky to find their way to Jesus. The light is what guides us through the darkness and troubled times. The bright light is what comforts us as we can see better which represents our Father who is our Light. So I have painted falling stars with different colours to symbolise Him: the brightest star of all, who we look up to like the way the 3 Wise Men did. Each star also represents all the different people Jesus sacrificed himself to pay for our sins. It is important to remember that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ who was the son of God and the Holy Spirit. It also shows the colourful days of the Christmas season and the wish for a bright and colourful new year ahead.

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